Are You Supporting Sweatshops?

When’s the last time you wrote a letter to a store you shop at asking that they pay fair wages to their employees? We don’t want to support stores that own sweatshops, but I think this is an area that many of us told a blind eye. Because of convenience. Or price. Because who can … Continue reading

How to Talk to People about Injustice

There’s something very awkward about bringing up modern day slavery and human trafficking in regular conversation.  Have you ever tried?  Has someone ever brought it up with you?   I want this to be something that I non-judgmentally bring up in normal conversation, but I always struggle with it and I feel like I say the wrong thing. Here’s an example: … Continue reading

Is Starbucks’ Coffee Fair Trade?

Recently I told a friend that I haven’t been going to Starbucks as often as I used to because I had decided to buy fair trade tea and coffee and make it at home.  I knew it would cost me more, so I decided to forego the occasional special drink at Starbucks and instead, spend … Continue reading

Teens in CT Fight Injustice

  I read two different articles today about sex trafficking in CT (where I’m from). One was a bit discouraging, talking about some of the challenges that workers face to help young women and the debate between removing craigslist/backpage and keeping it in order to help locate and prosecute pimps.  I suppose there is some … Continue reading

Originally posted on The CNN Freedom Project: Ending Modern-Day Slavery:
Most royals don’t speak openly about subjects like sex-trafficking, much less child sex-trafficking, but for Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden it’s a cause that needs shouting from the rooftops. The global problem of child exploitation has long been her passion. The mother of three…

Baking with Fair Trade Chocolate

When I first discovered that most of the world’s chocolate was being produced usually child and/or slave labor, I felt disgusted.  I knew that joining the fight against human slavery would mean that I would need to make sacrifices.  I had two options: forego chocolate or find fair trade options.  Because I need to pay … Continue reading

Are Slaves Making Your Tea?

Having just returned to the States after two years abroad, I am suddenly able to find FAIR TRADE products.  I couldn’t be more excited.  I’ve posted several times before about giving fair trade products as gifts, but what about products that we use every day?  I’m on the search for teas that I can feel … Continue reading

Using Your Talents to Fight Slavery

This article was sent to me about baseball players using their talents to help raise money to fight child slavery.  Jeremy Affeldt  from the San Francisco Giants led the charge and has recruited other baseball players to join him. It made me think, how could you use your talents to raise awareness and support to … Continue reading

Lesson Plans that Educate Students about Trafficking

I’m really excited about today’s post.  Being an ESL Teacher, I love to have conversations based on meaningful topics.  I like when it’s something that the students wouldn’t normally talk about – a theme that introduces them to a new topic.  I think talking about human trafficking and other injustices would be an ideal conversation … Continue reading