Baking with Fair Trade Chocolate

When I first discovered that most of the world’s chocolate was being produced usually child and/or slave labor, I felt disgusted.  I knew that joining the fight against human slavery would mean that I would need to make sacrifices.  I had two options: forego chocolate or find fair trade options.  Because I need to pay much more to buy fair trade, it means I can’t buy as often as I used to.  And while snacking on a chocolate bar is nice, most of the chocolate I buy goes straight into my baked goods.

People have gotten used to my chocolate chip cookies, but I’ve decided to pass on Toll House and Ghiradelli.  I’m excited that a local store is now carrying a lot more fair trade products – one of which is Sunspire’s Chocolate Chips (cost: $6).  I’ve yet to find another option for sale in the area.  But, I don’t buy these chips, since the price is a bit steep.  Instead, I buy a dark chocolate bar (at least 72%) and chop it up.  I no longer make chocolate chip cookies – instead, I make fair trade chocolate chunk cookies.

I usually buy my chocolate at Trader Joe’s, though I pick up Green and Black Chocolate whenever I see it on sale.

I’ve also used this dark chocolate as a substitute when a recipe calls for a bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate.  Just yesterday I made chocolate ice-cream that called for Dutch-press chocolate and 5 oz of a bittersweet chocolate, and using the Trader Joe’s chocolate made it taste incredible.

For cocoa powder, there are few options.  Try: Equal Exchange,  Frontier, or Green and Black – all links go to Amazon.

I’d love to hear about other fair trade chocolate options and how you have adapted your cooking.

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