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Is Starbucks’ Coffee Fair Trade?

Recently I told a friend that I haven’t been going to Starbucks as often as I used to because I had decided to buy fair trade tea and coffee and make it at home.  I knew it would cost me more, so I decided to forego the occasional special drink at Starbucks and instead, spend … Continue reading

Baking with Fair Trade Chocolate

When I first discovered that most of the world’s chocolate was being produced usually child and/or slave labor, I felt disgusted.  I knew that joining the fight against human slavery would mean that I would need to make sacrifices.  I had two options: forego chocolate or find fair trade options.  Because I need to pay … Continue reading

Today I Begin

My desire to see change began when I started researching the food I was eating through documentaries, such as Food Inc and Earthlings.  I was living in a small Eastern Europe country at the time, away from the American food industry, but still deeply affected by what I saw.  I knew that when I returned … Continue reading