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Teens in CT Fight Injustice

  I read two different articles today about sex trafficking in CT (where I’m from). One was a bit discouraging, talking about some of the challenges that workers face to help young women and the debate between removing craigslist/backpage and keeping it in order to help locate and prosecute pimps.  I suppose there is some … Continue reading

Originally posted on The CNN Freedom Project: Ending Modern-Day Slavery:
Most royals don’t speak openly about subjects like sex-trafficking, much less child sex-trafficking, but for Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden it’s a cause that needs shouting from the rooftops. The global problem of child exploitation has long been her passion. The mother of three…

Using Your Talents to Fight Slavery

This article was sent to me about baseball players using their talents to help raise money to fight child slavery.  Jeremy Affeldt  from the San Francisco Giants led the charge and has recruited other baseball players to join him. It made me think, how could you use your talents to raise awareness and support to … Continue reading

Hershey Makes $10 Million Pledge

I’m so pleased to be able to write that Hershey is making a $10 million pledge to improve their trade and combat child labor.  Well done, Hershey.  I can’t remember the last time I bought a Hershey project (I’ve been overseas!) but I will make an honest effort to support their fair trade products in … Continue reading

Roma Camps in Kosovo

Today’s post is about something a little more personal to me – refugee camps in Kosovo.  I’ve lived in Kosovo for nearly two years and I became aware of the injustice towards the Roma people while working here.  There’s no doubt that Roma are treated terribly here.  It’s incredibly difficult to walk on the same … Continue reading

College Kids that Make a Difference

This article was such an encouragement for me to read today.  Students gathered together for a conference and committed to joining in the fight against slavery.  They raised over $2.6 million (WOW!) and increased awareness in their community for their problem. It’s exciting to think of so many students learning the truth of modern-day slavery and … Continue reading

The Restaveks in Haiti

The Restaveks are children in Haiti who work as “domestic servants.” The below link is to a CNN Documentary of Rapper and Actor, “Common” who travels with Call+Response founder, Justin Dillon to Haiti to meet the Restavek children firsthand.  His journey shows us some of the hopelessness he experienced when first meeting the children, followed … Continue reading