Posted in November 2011

What is Your Slavery Footprint?

Maybe you’ve already heard people talking about your “carbon footprint.”  I know I have: oddly enough, while wedding-planning, I’ve seen weddings on blogs where the couple wanted to reduce their carbon footprint.  It’s great to think about things like this and I’m glad that people care enough about protecting the Earth that they would do … Continue reading

Anti-Trafficking and Labor Abuse App

Free2Work is an app for Android and Apple that quickly gives a grade to the company you are searching for.  The grade is based on whether they have forced or trafficked workers and children working for them. Feel better about what you’re buying by making sure that slaves and children aren’t making it for you. … Continue reading

Having Audacity

How can we end modern-slavery?  Rob Morris, president of Love 146, shares his thoughts: I think first of all it will take the audacity to believe that we CAN end it. Considering the overwhelming stats of how many slaves exist today and how much money the sale of human beings generates, some would call it naive or … Continue reading

How to Recognize a Trafficked Victim

Here’s a list of indicators and follow-up questions if you think you have spotted a potential trafficked person.  I remember wondering, “What do I do if I think I see someone who is trafficked?”  I felt helpless thinking there was nothing I could do.  But, there is.  A few follow-up questions could have given me … Continue reading

Today I Begin

My desire to see change began when I started researching the food I was eating through documentaries, such as Food Inc and Earthlings.  I was living in a small Eastern Europe country at the time, away from the American food industry, but still deeply affected by what I saw.  I knew that when I returned … Continue reading