Lesson Plans that Educate Students about Trafficking

I’m really excited about today’s post.  Being an ESL Teacher, I love to have conversations based on meaningful topics.  I like when it’s something that the students wouldn’t normally talk about – a theme that introduces them to a new topic.  I think talking about human trafficking and other injustices would be an ideal conversation starter in the classroom.

I recognize that others of you have positions in middle schools or high schools – unlike me, who teaches private courses.  I think you’ll be even more pleased with the below links because they include  excellent lesson plans and discussion questions ready for you to use. (including the state standards covered, vocabulary, links to relevant and quality media, etc)

CNN Parent and Teacher Guide – recommended for grades 11-12 and college level

Speak Truth to Power – several lessons on interesting topics, such as “Elie Wiesel: Speaking Truth to Genocide,” “Van Jones: Police Brutality,” “Jamie Nabozny: Bullying, Language, Literature and Life,” and “Kailash Satyarthi: Child Labor.” Each lesson is thorough and includes poetry, video clips, NY standards that are covered, etc. You can also search by theme, which is great if you want to cover something specific like poverty, bullying, or children’s rights.  Grade levels vary from 6-12.

Stop the Traffick – A British website, these lessons are recommended for grades 7-11 and include topics such as Child Soldiers and lessons that help students to resonate with children in unjust situations.

I hope you enjoy these and if you have come across other lesson plans that are of good quality, please attach a link in the comments!

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