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Are You Supporting Sweatshops?

When’s the last time you wrote a letter to a store you shop at asking that they pay fair wages to their employees? We don’t want to support stores that own sweatshops, but I think this is an area that many of us told a blind eye. Because of convenience. Or price. Because who can … Continue reading

Baking with Fair Trade Chocolate

When I first discovered that most of the world’s chocolate was being produced usually child and/or slave labor, I felt disgusted.  I knew that joining the fight against human slavery would mean that I would need to make sacrifices.  I had two options: forego chocolate or find fair trade options.  Because I need to pay … Continue reading

Are Slaves Making Your Tea?

Having just returned to the States after two years abroad, I am suddenly able to find FAIR TRADE products.  I couldn’t be more excited.  I’ve posted several times before about giving fair trade products as gifts, but what about products that we use every day?  I’m on the search for teas that I can feel … Continue reading

Slave-Free Shopping this Christmas

Isn’t it great to know that the products you are buying are not supporting unfair practices?   I know it can feel really time-consuming to have to research each brand and store that you shop at, so I’ve found some more places that you can feel good about shopping at this Christmas.  I’m excited about … Continue reading

Shopping to Support Change

When I think about all the products I use that are tainted by human slavery and poor work practices, it seems like there is nothing I can buy.  I’m fine with living a bit more simply and making homemade gifts, if it means making a stand against modern-day slavery, but today I have some good … Continue reading