Truck Stop Prostitution

I just read this great article from CNN about women who are traded for sex at truck stops.  I suppose it’s not really that shocking.

The article also mentions the motivation for this particular worker, which I happen to resonate with.  If just one person is suffering in my city and I know about it, but don’t do anything to stop it or prevent other women to falling prey to it, what does that say about me?  About the priorities in my life?  Do I really think my life is more valuable than anyone else’s?  I don’t – but when I remain silent, I act as if I have more worth than these women who have become victims in an ugly business.

And furthermore, I wholeheartedly believe like Mother Teresa once prayed, that we should be like a pencil in God’s hands, or in other words, his hands and feet on this earth.  When our days are consumed with OURSELVES, I think we really miss out on demonstrating God’s love and mercy for people who don’t know him.

I’m encouraged by this testimony of a World Relief worker and her efforts to change things in her state.  She also makes a plug for Polaris Project, a great project to invest in, which I have mentioned before on the blog.

So, what motivates you to stop human trafficking?  Read the following article to learn about this woman’s work with World Relief and her motivation for that work.


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