Roma Camps in Kosovo

Today’s post is about something a little more personal to me – refugee camps in Kosovo.  I’ve lived in Kosovo for nearly two years and I became aware of the injustice towards the Roma people while working here.  There’s no doubt that Roma are treated terribly here.  It’s incredibly difficult to walk on the same streets as them and see firsthand how they are treated.

About a year ago, I read an article about the conditions of the Roma refugee camps and the incredible amount of lead poisoning that had been found among the Roma living there.  I couldn’t believe that they were still living in those same refugee camps and that their health was seriously suffering because of it.   I must say though, that I have seen housing built for the Roma in several places in Kosovo.  The housing is always several very small homes combined into one structure and outside the town/city so that the Roma must walk very far.

CNN just shared this article and video about this same topic.  The video is great (in my opinion) and you can learn more about the Balkans by going to the Vice Guide.  Warning: the guide is not always professional and definitely shows biased views.  Please do not assume I hold the same views.  I merely think that seeing the video gives an excellent visual.

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