“Fair Trade Products Are Too Expensive” and Other Myths

Relevant Magazine just posted an article debunking some of the excuses we often make about not buying fair trade products.


It’s obvious that fair trade clothing is more expensive than other clothing and there’s also an obvious reason: those cheaper clothes are made with slave labor!  And eventually, you have to ask yourself, “Which is more important to me?  Deciding not to support slave labor and thus, paying more for fair-trade clothing?  Or, continuing my old spending patterns, trying to find the best deals, supporting organizations that mistreat their workers and use child/slave labor?

This site is not about judgment.  It’s not about making you feel guilty for choices you have made in the past.  It’s about us, the average Jane and Joe, deciding that we can make a difference right where we are.  And choosing to support fair-trade is a lifestyle change that we can all make.  Do you need  thirty different t-shirts that cost anywhere from $1-15?  Or can you do with just a few that you will cost you a little more?

I just received a package from my sister and inside, were beautiful handmade gloves made in Nepal.  She found them at a fair-trade store in Boston.  I’m sure that had she just gone to Wal-Mart or Target, she could have gotten me ten pairs for the same price.  But she decided to support a local store that sells fair-trade products.  They are unique, brightly colored, and warm.  I felt good about wearing them.

Wouldn’t you like to feel good about what you are wearing?

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