End of the Year Giving: My Top Five

Are you hoping to make a sizable gift to a non-profit organization before this year ends?  Below are several non-profits that I would recommend.  And, this year, consider how you might be able to give regularly.  Remember, where your treasure is, there your heart will be also!

1. Love 146: a non-profit based in CT.  Focused on after-care and prevention.

2. IJM: focused on justice, IJM uses a team of lawyers and investigators to expose exploitation and oppression, followed by after-care for victims.

3. Not for Sale: Engaging business, government and grassroots efforts to create social change.  Relies on the average person to get involved.

4. Polaris Project: Working to free slaves in the US and abroad, Polaris Project focuses on care for victims and learning from their situations to help create strategies that help free more slaves in the future.

5. Call + Response: Using media to educate people about modern-day slavery.

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