Slave-Free Shopping this Christmas

Isn’t it great to know that the products you are buying are not supporting unfair practices?   I know it can feel really time-consuming to have to research each brand and store that you shop at, so I’ve found some more places that you can feel good about shopping at this Christmas.  I’m excited about this list because there are several things that you might actually be able to find at your mall or grocery store!

This season, choose to give gifts that are slave-free!

The Body Shop: uses natural, “community-trade”  ingredients and is never tested on animals.   Their products are for hair, face, and body, as well as great gifts for the home.  The Body Shop campaigns against sex trafficking, domestic abuse and HIV Awareness.

Dean’s Beans: How about coffee?  All of Dean’s Beans coffee blends are organic and fair-trade, as opposed to some companies that only offer one blend of fair-trade of coffee.  They buy from small farms and co-ops and support various projects that meet specific needs in indigenous communities.  Here are some of their current projects.

Numi Tea: Organic, all-natural, fair trade, fair-labor, the list goes on and on… Numi Tea’s website even shows you exactly where your tea comes from.  I think you can feel good about supporting Numi Tea.  It’s also incredibly delicious!  (There are some beautiful looking gifts ranging in prices from $20-$60 right now.)

Green and Black Chocolate:  Maybe it’s because I’ve been living in Europe, but high quality chocolate seems like the best gift you could give someone. Green and Black Chocolate supports local farmers in Belize and is fair-trade.  Is it more expensive?  YES.  That’s because no children or slaves are being exploited to make it.

If you need to know some more brands of chocolate that are slave-free, here is a detailed list that explains whether it is fair-trade, organic,  or just slave-free because of the place it comes from.


And lastly, the 2011 Ethical Holiday Shopping Guide.  Tons of links and ideas for great gifts.  Happy Shopping!

(Check out my first post on where to shop: Shopping to Support Change)

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