Shopping to Support Change

When I think about all the products I use that are tainted by human slavery and poor work practices, it seems like there is nothing I can buy.  I’m fine with living a bit more simply and making homemade gifts, if it means making a stand against modern-day slavery, but today I have some good news for those of you feeling the same as me.  There are lots of companies that you can buy from that will actually support former victims.  I’ll highlight a few today and as I find more, I’ll be sure to post their links.  This post is especially timely, as we’re in the midst of the holiday season.

This Christmas, consider putting your money towards a worthwhile cause: standing up to modern-day slavery by supporting after-care programs that provide meaningful work for former victims.  Shop knowing that you are bringing about positive change!

GoodWeave: GoodWeave works to end child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in Nepal, India and Afghanistan.

International Sanctuary: International Sanctuary provides after-care for young women.  The girls are paid 100% above fair trade wage. Each girl has a bank account where her earnings are deposited and saved for her future when she transitions out of the aftercare home.

RIJI Green: The human traffic survivors receive fair wages, health care, daycare, literacy training and a support system to help restore and rebuild their lives.  In addition to being socially conscious, RIJI Green is also eco-friendly by using recycled and natural materials and non-toxic ink.

Empowerment: The beautiful logo of a heart inside a hand print will remind you of the victims who make this jewelry.

Operation Ransom: Operation Ransom has a mission to fight human trafficking globally by: combating poverty, tackling illiteracy with education, providing preventative education on human trafficking, helping fund the physical act of rescue, ensuring safe lodging for rescued women which includes health evaluations and services by a physician including testing for HIV/AIDS, counseling, job training, assistance with job placement and micro loans to help students start a business.

SET (Support Ethical Trade) Boutique: Shop SET Boutique for online fashion apparel, jewelry, bags, travel, housewares, and more to help to end modern-day slavery and exploitation.

Sapa Sapa: Gorgeous Soaps that support victims in Cambodia.  I want the Aloe Coconut Milk and  Ginger Lemon Honey!

Stop Traffick Fashion: Stop Traffick Fashion provides opportunities and hope for survivors of human trafficking while offering unique clothing and accessories. Survivors who have been rescued from their captors make almost all of our accessories and receive income from STF sales. In addition, a portion of all sales revenue is donated back to our partner organizations that rescue victims and provide rehabilitation and training.

Happy Shopping!  It feels better shopping when you know that you are supporting a worthwhile cause, doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Shopping to Support Change

  1. I applaud your efforts in posting responsible retailers, I to experience difficulties just purchasing products for everyday living let alone Christmas gifts. One way I do take a stand against bad business practices is by Never steeping foot inside of a Walmart. The brick and mortar giant who does not pay a living wage and fully supports sweat-shops for adults as well as teenagers. If only more Americans would begin to think as you are possibly a small dent could be made and a few of those engaging in abusing factory workers worldwide might be called to answer for their actions, even if it were only financially.

    • Thank you for your comment. I’ll continue to post organizations and companies that have responsible business practices and to point out which ones do NOT. We need to be educated consumers!

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