Polaris Project

Polaris Project is an organization that is fighting against human trafficking and modern-day slavery.  Here’s what they are involved in:

1. Client Services: Offers social services to former victims of trafficking and/or slavery.

2. Policy Advocacy: Bringing about changing through federal and state policies.

3. National Human Trafficking Hotline: a 24-hour hotline that connects victims to professionals.

4. Training and Technical Assistance: Training based on important lessons learned, current practices and promising new strategy.

5. Public Awareness: Social change through increased media and online communications, creating a growing grassroots movement.

6. Fellowship Program: Leadership and development program for the next generation to be trained to fight the battle.

7. International Programs: Global partnerships that work together to share what is and isn’t working.

8. Campaigns: Running strategic campaigns focused on current structures that allow trafficking to happen.



Polaris Project is a great organization to financially support and they also have a lot of helpful resources that you can refer to online.  Should you ever come in contact with a victim, remember that Polaris Project has a hotline that you can call to be connected with a professional.  Over 11,000 calls were made just last year.  Here’s  some information on the Hotline, including stats about what people are calling in about and where they are calling from.   The number is: 1-888-3737-888



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