What is Your Slavery Footprint?

Maybe you’ve already heard people talking about your “carbon footprint.”  I know I have: oddly enough, while wedding-planning, I’ve seen weddings on blogs where the couple wanted to reduce their carbon footprint.  It’s great to think about things like this and I’m glad that people care enough about protecting the Earth that they would do this.

But, more important is to consider where our products are coming from and how we can help reduce our “slavery footprint.”  Many of our products are made by children or using forced labor, sometimes even modern-day slaves.  How can we find out about how our products are being made?  Are we guilty of supporting these companies?

Take this quiz to see how you measure up.   http://slaveryfootprint.org/

It asks several questions about what products you use, what food you eat the most, how many electronics you have, and what’s in your closet.

I was appalled by my results: turns out that my gadgets, clothes, and medicine cabinet make me pretty guilty!  How do you measure up?  Were you surprised by your results?

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